Monday, 17 February 2014

Buttery lips

From left to right: Pink Truffle, Strawberry Shortcake, Candy Apple, Red Velvet & Tutti Fruitti
The Revlon lip butters are my current favourite everyday lip colour to wear, especially on school days where I find a bolder colour is definitely too much make up, and too much maintenance throughout the day. They have a moisturising texture to them and are clearly not matte at all, however, they nourish your lips and protect them from the lip biting stress of everyday life.

My personal favourite is Pink Truffle. It has a deep rosey colour that is subtle and looks effortless. It brings a little oomph to a natural everyday look. However, Red Velvet is such a close second that they are almost on an equal level, a deep reddy brown (mostly red, don't be scared by the 'brownish' tone), but I find Pink Truffle an easier colour to develop and tame on the lips throughout the day making it the perfect 'on the go' lip colour. I gathered colours one or two at a time as tastes change and styles change, but the colours are so diverse I find myself reusing the colours I had forgotten about previously and falling back in love with them all over again. I do find myself worrying that I will cave in to the urge to buy even more colours and eventually become overrun with every shade and then having too much choice and just moving on to a whole new project.

I usually pat the lipstick off a little before going out just to soften the colour and make it look more casual. I tend not to wear them on nights out, especially not for meals, as they can slide on the lips and need a little care when worn as a bold, solid colour. This is just 5 of the 20-something shades available at around £8.