Monday, 10 March 2014

Origins Minatures

They were only little tester and so aren't full size
I've had a relatively small amount of experience with origins, but what I have tried I have loved, and has become a favourite in the past. However after trying a few miniature, tester sized things I've been fairly disappointed. After a night in with the girls having a chinese take away and just rummaging through her makeup, we discovered her stash of unused origins things that just isn't compatible to her sensitive skin, which led to her giving it too us. We divided up the contents of these mini cracker things that she was given over christmas, we each took away a new little gift to explore. There were 4 main tubs that were handed out; 1. Modern Friction (Nature's gentle dermabrasion)  2. Drink Up Intensive (overnight mask to quench skins thirst)  3. Make A Difference (Rejuvenating hand treatment)  4. Clear Improvement (Active charcoal mask to clear pores).

Modern Friction is a strong exfoliating face product. It has an incredibly strong scent, and leaves the face tingling, I wouldn't suggest this to people with sensitive skin as it's a little strong. This is the product that I least liked out of the 4. On the other hand, my skin did feel fairly smooth afterwards, but I wouldn't buy it in full because it almost had a tingling sensation on the face that just wasn't very pleasant.

Drink Up Intensive Is one of the top two of the products. I love how simple it made my night skincare routine. I would just simply cleanse and then pop this on, not too much so that it wouldn't make my skin feel claustrophobic, but in the morning my skin was so soft, as soft as a baby's bum- too much? Anyway, This product is probably the one I would repurchase because it just does wonders for a dehydrated skin. Because it is a strong product I tend to use it 2 or 3 times a week so my skin won't get used to it. However, it has an extremely strong scent, not a bad one- just strong, and so the first 2/3 minutes can be a little strong, but I didn't mind pushing through the smell for the results it has given.

Make a Difference This is my favourite product, probably because I'm a sucker for a moisturiser, but this is the hand cream that I have by my bed so whenever I go past it, I will pick it up and use it. I haven't used it as a travel hand cream because this particular bottle is a little on the small side and I feel that I would lose it in the bottom of my bag and just forget about it. It has a small smell but it's not bad, I just don't know how I would describe it *sorry* the only reason for not buying this is that I like to switch hand creams because there is a tonne out there and most of them are as good as the other, I've never found one that really stands out to me.

Clear Improvement This is another that has been new to me. I don't tend to use face masks because 1. I'm too lazy 2. I don't have time. However, since using this charcoal mask it has stuck to what it said it does, and clears pores (I would hope it would do what it says) It's just as good as most other charcoal masks if I'm honest, it's not really anything special.

Overall, 2 out of 4 tester products have become a regular skincare item for me, which isn't too shoddy.