Sunday, 23 March 2014

Review: Aveeno Skin Relief

I have really sensitive skin, which also goes really dry. I was looking for a moisturiser that would settle redness, but also do everything else I wanted it to. I previously used the MONU SPF moisturiser and LOVED! it, but it's also £30 that I didn't particularly want to spend *I'm a budget type girl* so I read all the reviews on the different brands, searched a couple of blogs, and voila I found my ideal moisturiser that not only moisturises, but also does not tamper with my skin.

when I originally used it, I have to say, I thought it felt very sticky and very heavy, but I stuck with it, and hoped it was just that I wasn't used to it. I was right, the next few uses got better and better, it's currently the only moisturiser that I use, and I use it once a day *overnight so it has time to sink in*, and my skin has not been dry since.

It was about £5 and was ideal for a quick fix when my skin played havoc on me. It promised me results in 24 hours and it certainly lived up to it. It's simple to use and would be ideal for those mornings when you're too tired, and are late for work/school, or have got in from an evening out and just need a quick was over after taking your makeup off.