Sunday, 13 July 2014

Simple Summer Favourites

I think that I have found my 4 favourite skin care items that I'll use this summer. I have posted a blog about the Ren Gentle Cleansing Milk (HERE) so I won't go on about that one. But now for the other ones:

1. Simple Spotless Skin Triple Action Face Wash. A few weeks ago I had an awful breakout on my forehead and chin. Instead of spending a fortune on some hyped up skin clearance regime, I thought I would go back to the basics from when I was 13 and my skin was in desperate need and this is certainly one of those trusted basic products. I love it just because it's so simple to use, you just splash your face, gently massage this onto the problem area/areas, and then rinse off with luke warm water. Depending on how bad my skin is I use it every night and on better weeks I use it every other day and sometime every 2 days. This started to help instantly, I also thought that it would be quite stripping of my skin, but it hasn't given me any other problems.

2. Pore Goodness Sake Hot Cloth Cleansing Kit. This is something that I'm not sure what it does other than clear pores. I'm sure there is probably other products out there that work faster/better but for an everyday budget product this is amazing. Once I have rinsed this off of my skin, it is so smooth and soft, I mainly use this to relax my face after work. You know when you get home and your skin feels disgusting from all the things touching your face during the day (hands and heat) and not forgetting the make up that has melted away. This just helps to revive my skin.

3. Finally, Garnier Miracle Skin Cream. I like this as a sort of base/primer for my foundation. It keeps my skin moisturised all day long, and helps to keep my foundation stay put. I know this is anti-ageing but does this really matter?

Whats your favourite skin care item for summer?