Saturday, 13 September 2014

Bronzing for the paler

I've said numerous times on here; I am white. I'm like casper the friendly ghost, you can't get much paler. However i find that if i don't use some type of countouring bronzey thing, then i look dead. Most bronzers are just too orange toned and look unnatural. I like this bronzer because it's a subtle colour and brings just a little oomph to the cheekbones. I use shade 01light matte and so 100% suggest this bronzer, also the name is just delicious, honey bronze bronzing powder (what is it with the foody bronzers i mean this and bourjois chocolate bronzer mmmm).

It's also a really beautiful shell casing which makes it great for travel because it's super smooth and little and there's no extra bulkyness. I also love the idea of the bee hive shapes in the middle with tbe 'honey idea'

Definitely a favourite in my opinion.