Sunday, 28 September 2014

The Samples

I know i'm late to the party for most of these, but I'm always reluctant to buy things when they are being hyped up because it's more difficult to realise whether I genuinely like the product, or like it because everyone is telling me it's great.

Lets start with Benefits Porefessional. I use this on the areas where my pores are at their worst. It makes a smoother base without letting my make up slip away. I also love the packaging, it's cute. I never really used to wear a primer, when I first really got into makeup I used a cheaper one from Rimmel I think which would make the base look great for about 2 hours and then disappear, I think this kind of started a reluctance to use any other types. This has also lasted me so long even though it's a really small pot, I mean like weeks. Not only have I fallen in love with this, the area I live don't really have anywhere close by to buy higher branded makeup, but our boots has finally started to stock it, so my bank is going to start hating me.

The second Benefit product is the they're real mascara, I really like this for coverage on the lashes and it adds a lot of volume, but I do not love the heaviness. I have really long lashes so keeping them up and curled is quite difficult, and this just seems to weigh them down. I wanted to like this but it just doesn't work well with me.

Finally is the Lights Camera Lashes mascara from Tarte. This was another one that I always wanted to try but always forgot to buy. To be completely honest, I do prefer the Benefit mascara because this one was too much for me, I found it quite difficult to get my eyelashes to look how I wanted them too, I'm not sure why but I just did not get along with this. If you have shorter and thinner eyelashes I think this would work perfectly, giving length and volume, however it is quite thick.