Thursday, 30 October 2014

Halloween makeup from your bag

I wanted to do this because I'm in no way good at halloween make up or a professional or have practiced doing halloween make up. My parents were never ones who liked the idea of taking me out at night, when I should be going to bed, to ask for sweets from strangers, and I was ok with this because I'd never liked knocking on the doors of strangers and having to talk to them. But I thought I'd do these 3 looks to show you that you don't need the fanciest makeup to look good on halloween, even though they don't look professional.

The Halloween costume that everyone uses as a back up if they haven't got any idea as what to go as. The Cat. I used a very pale foundation to create a smooth and pale base (Nars sheer glow in Siberia). I also kept the eyes plain from eyeshadow and just used eyeliner and eyelashes to focus on a sleek cat eye. I used a blue eyeliner- Revlon Colorstay in 205 Sapphire to bring something special to this look. It's subtle and you only really notice it at various occasions and views. I then did a cat eye with a liquid liner. I didn't use any bronzer or blush because, when do you see a cat with blush or bronzer on? I then used the Cheryl Cole Eylure lashes in No 114 to bring some intensity to the eyes (eyelashes are extremely difficult to put on, I would suggest putting on mascara first as then the eyelashes have something to stick to). I did my normal brow routine of just some dark brown eyeshadow brushed through the brow. To finally pull this all together I used a Gel liner to create the whiskers, a little black nose and the top lip. I found that to get a little cheeky smile I also put little flicks at the corners of my mouth which I thinks adds to the cute of this make up look and a neutral pink brown on the bottom lip to make it pop. Then I just shoved my hair up into two buns on the top of my head to act as ears.

My sister let me use her for the next look because who wouldn't want to attack your sisters face with make up. This one was a little rushed because she was going out to a cartoon themed party afterwards, and not as a skeleton, but as minnie mouse. Again for this look I used the lightest foundation I own which is Nars sheer glow in Siberia, and then the rest I used a black eyeshadow and gel eyeliner to do the darkest bits. I did this look because I'd never done anything like this before and I wanted to show you that even though it's not the neatest and best looking skeleton look ever, but It looks pretty good. I would suggest that whatever you do with this look, as long as it doesn't look neat you'll be well on your way to scaring all of your friends. I also let her do her own mascara because I didn't want to be responsible for making her blind. she also pulled the mascara through her brows.

The final look is a doll style that with the right outfit could look super creepy. This uses the same base and eyebrows as the Cat look however I used my naked 3 pallette to make a pink smokey eye. I used buzz and burnout on the centre of the eye and also mugshot in the outer corner of the eye and just blended like crazy. I used a pink eye because I feel that dolls always look super girly and pretty 'dolled' up. I didn't use any bronzer but I used a bit more blush than I usually would use. I then used some volumizing lashes because I wanted them to be pretty packed, I do wish I'd used thicker lashes but this was the thickest that superdrug had. I the used a bright red lip I believe it was the Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in 111. I struggled with making my hair look exactly what I imagined and I think that bunches are ideal because it reminds me of the hair I used to have when I was younger.

What is your go to fancy dress outfit when you can't think of anything to wear?