Monday, 10 November 2014

A lazy day

If there is one thing that is needed every once in a while, it's a lazy day. I especially love lazy sundays. It gives a refreshing look at the week before going to work the next day. 
I love to stay in my pyjama's, catch up on the tv that i've missed during the week, and have a few too many cups of tea or hot chocolate through out the day. I think sundays are the best days to do this becuase when you get a food baby from sunday lunch it's great to be able to take a nap afterwards and not have to think about all the things you should be doing.
I also like to take these lazy days as a time to just chill out with my sister, with us both working full time jobs we don't see each other all week and so sundays are the perfect time to just sit around all day in each others company. No make up, pyjamas and beauty treatments all day long, who could ask for more.

I feel as though you should take one day out a week so you can destress, breathe and remind yourself that life is not so bad when you can take a deep breathe. 

Whats your favourite things to do on your lazy day?