Monday, 11 April 2016

Waxing VS Threading

I used to have caterpillars for eyebrows. I had an immense monobrow and two fat straight lines just above my eyes. I didn't really pluck them until I was about 14 (I know I was late to the party), but when I started plucking them they still didn't look much better. I just found I was very lazy, and I would leave them wayyyy too long. I started getting them waxed because thats what my mum would do, and then when I started getting into beauty, I started getting them threaded.

Waxing is definitely quicker when you get them done, and I would say less painful. But I found that because it was tearing at my skin when the little strip of material was ripped off, my skin went absolutely haywire. I would break out all around my brows, and although they looked thinner, they were still very bushy.

Threading, in my opinion, is a lot nicer than waxing. This is because, although it takes a little longer, it makes my brows more defined, manageable and longer lasting. Threading also reacts less to my skin and, although I still break out, it's nowhere near as much as waxing.

Overall, I have been converted into the life of threading because of the way my brows look for the 6-8 week period afterwards.

Does anyone else hate the small talk that the beautician tries to have with you whilst she is like 3 inches away from your face? I find it incredibly awkward.