Sunday, 6 April 2014

Disappointing Product: Toni and Guy sea salt spray

I bought this a fairly long time ago, several months (when sea salt sprays were the best thing ever). I guess i just wanted to test the hype and a trip to boots left me with this.
I have fairly thick hair, that is straight and smooth (hardest to style because it just becomes flat throughout the day) and this product just seemed to pull everything around my face and just look like someone had, kind of, hair sprayed it straight. It looks like i have literally been into the sea, but not that 'baywatch' sexy perfume advert type thing, more of the, I've just been knocked out by a wave and washed up on shore type of look, not good.
Overall this product is too heavy, and sticky. This product might be perfect for people with thinner hair but I wouldn't suggest it.