Saturday, 12 April 2014

MUA Undressed Palette

I find that for any makeup palette, you find the ones that you love fairly quickly, and the others just have to take a back seat- not every colour will be loved. In this palette, the only colours that I know I'm not brave enough to try due to my love of neutral and pink toned colours is the blue one, on the far bottom right, and also the orange shimmery one on the bottom left. 
I walked into superdrug looking for one specific item, and walked out with a hand full of products. Including this palette from MUA. The palette is at an amazing price of £4, which is unbelievably low- I think it is anyway. I wasn't expecting anything great, just a product that would be 1. A great budget buy, and 2. a nice wash of colour for when I go to school and do not need a full face on, but this has exceeded expectation. I now use this daily and will probably love it for a long time. 

These are the 4 colours that really attracted me to the palette, but just so that you can see the pigment of the colours I've swatched 4 different colours for you too see.

(Buy it HERE)