Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Make up remover intervention

Ok, intervention is a little strong. This isn't something that I would normally think too much into but they have made my skin feel even softer.
I use a misceller water to remove my makeup and sometimes a cleansing milk to ensure all of it is off. I would just pop down to say superdrug or boots, and buy  myself some cotton pads *every girl needs them* but after running out of the las superdrug batch, i pleaded for my mum to buy them for me as she was already out *she's not into makeup ans skin care really* and she came home with 2 packs of morrisons ones *i hid them straight away from my sister*. I generally don't pay much attention into the cotton pads, but these ones are mega soft. I can regularly find my skin a little rough after using the misceller water *rough isn't quite what I mean, it's just not smoothe* but these have been a huge help and don't tend to scratch at the surface of the skin.
Again, they are morrisons own, so they're bound to be a reasonable price, but I don't know how much because my mother bought them. 
I highly recommend this product.