Wednesday, 14 May 2014

New to tanning

I am just that pasty girl that has been scared to use any form of tanning product due to the mistrust in products and the lack of knowledge of how to actually apply fake tan. I seem to reflect the sun when I'm outside because I am so white. So much so that I can take a selfie outside and transform into voldemort as my nose just disappears.
I saw this product on one of viviannadoesmakeup's videos and it looked safe, especially as summer is round the corner, I feel that I need to get my trust in self tanning products up so that I can stop blinding people when I'm outside. This is a product that I feel has eased me into tanning. I didn't exfoliate or anything before, in fact I'd been out shopping all day (this was so that if it had gone horribly wrong the next morning I could just rinse it all off). It gave me a glow that I didn't expect. I wouldn't say it tanned me, maybe I didn't put enough on I'm not sure, but I was definitely glowing.
I have 2 issues with this, 1. I wanted it to last longer than it did 2. It dried so fast on the skin that there was a moment of panic between me and my sister as to whether it would come out streaky, however this was nothing of the sort, as long as you keep rubbing. Being a jeans girl, my legs get virtually no sun whatsoever, this means I am almost transparent in colour, even though it took a little bit of work to make sure there were no streaks on my legs, it was easy to apply and just looked unbelievably natural, none of the wotsit legs were going on. It dries super fast, and you can see exactly where you have applied the tan as it is instant and doesn't take 3 hours to develop and then you realise that you have tanned everything but the one streak from the back of your knee to your heel. 
I 100% recommend this product to anyone that just doesn't want to be paper white because it does not make you look 2 different races. I would also use a tanning mitt to apply this because it dries super fast and you don't want the residue left on your hands.