Sunday, 11 May 2014

The Bag Lady

I am usually a one bag does everything and goes everywhere type of person but a recent shopping trip with my sister left me with 3 very different bags that will probably be the only bags I use for the rest of the year.
I am so incredibly fussy with the bags I choose, I tend to stick to one bag (usually stolen from my sister) and it goes everywhere with me, does everything and holds everything I could ever need. My current bag has been used for the last 6 months and it has been to school and back so many times and has carried way too much stuff everytime, I'm surprised that it's not just fell apart on me. 
Primark- £8.00
This was actually the first bag I bought (the black one) and I didn't realise how similar it was to my actual bag (the purple one, my most loved bag). This has to be the same bag just in different colour and improved. I say improved because it has more structure and is more of a satchel rather than a deflated balloon. This means it doesn't flop open in the middle of a restaurant and have everything fall out at the most inappropriate times of the day (usually when I'm in a rush). It's actually fairly roomy in there aswell and will probably end up looking like my purple one anyway (which will probably be kept just in case).

New Look- £14.99
This satchel was much more of an impulse buy this time. I saw this and just couldn't leave it in the shop. I don't actually own a bright coloured bag, they all seem to be either black or just a darker colour. I felt this will be needed to add some form of colour to a monochrome outfit and will add a little oomph to a dull day. Again it is another satchel over the shoulder styled bag (shocker, can you tell I like one particular style and I don't really stray from that).

New Look- £14.99
I had to build courage to buy this one because it really is out of my comfort zone. That little gold chain was making me hold back, I wasn't sure how it would come off when wearing it. The pastel colours are, in reality, a lot brighter than this and make an outfit look classy. It is another over the shoulder type bag, but it sits at the hips on me. It doesn't have too much room, but how much room do you need at a dinner night or going out on the town.

Whats your favourite type of bag?