Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Soap and Glory Super Cat Liner

This is a new favourite, that I never thought I would try.
I know many bloggers have said that the soap and glory make up range is doing everything it says it would and should, but I never thought I would get away from the l'oreal superfine liner if I'm honest. I have used that liner ever since I was in year 10 (a few years ago now) but I have to say, this liner might just be trumping it right now.

This liquid eyeliner has not got the finest point ever, but it certainly makes it easier to apply. I'm not into thick liner, but I am into winged liner right now, and this just makes the wings so much simpler and also the colour is jet black. I always found that the superfine liner didn't come out as black as I would like when on top of eyeshadow, you really have to work it into the eyelid, and then would run out super quickly. I have only just picked this up for £6 in boots but I'm hoping this will have a longer life than the l'oreal liner.

One negative thing is that, if it is put straight onto the eyelid, it tends to smudge a little bit, and leave some residue on the top of the lid. This works brilliantly on top of eyeshadow though.

I will have to report back in 2 months time and I'll let you know how long it lasted. But so far it has been the best eyeliner I have.